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The Tracks

Track 1 - Bakgat - 4 x 4 Trail - Easy to Moderate

For the beginner as well as the camper who wants tranquility. This route and the surroundings cater for the family with braais next to the river. Relatively level with a few contours and a short incline. The road meanders through thick bush with small, hack-out overnight spots where a maximum of two vehicles per stand can overnight. At the end the driver will find a swamp that has to be crossed. The mud is rather slippery but the chances of being retrieved excellent. There is an alternative route to this crossing.

Track 2 - Swaaigat - a Short Trail behind Helgat

For those Adventurers looking for a bigger challenge. A dune with very little run-up tests your sand-driving ability. At the end, the driver again has to cross a river before he concludes the drive by negotiating deep cross-wise potholes where vehicles' suspensions are severely tested.

Track 3 - Helgat - Challenging / Experienced

The name says it all. Try it if you DARE! This is a zig zag route through a soil dam. The surface is clay. Driving alone is not recommended as the chances of getting stuck are 100%. This route may also be driven at night, an unforgettable experience. Drivers will find shade and braai facilities at the beginning of the track.


Track 4 - Gatvol - quads / bikes - slow & fast track

This is a long route with fast corners and straights for the enthusiast. The track is wide enough for 2 quad to fit next to each other 90% of the way. For those that are slow just keep to the left and let the faster Quad\Bike go past.





The name says it all. 2X Free style jumps for kids and adults. QUADS ONLY



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